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Calendar Of Events
G.B.Pickens Memorial Temple Church Of God In Christ

Here are the following events that are taken place right here at Pickens Temple!

Sun. Feb. 29, Mar. 14, 21,28,2004@4pm.

Our Pastors 31st year pastoral year anniversary


Sun. April 11, 2004@2:30 pm.

The Voices of Angels (pmts childrens choir) Easter program


Sun. May 23, 2004@4pm

Mo. Wells (our pastors wife) appreciation day


Sun. May 30, 2004@4pm

Youth Day


Sun. June 13, 2004@ 4pm

Voices of Angels Day


Wed-Fri. Jun. 23-25@7pm

Youth Revival


Sun. Jul. 25,2004@4pm

Womens Day


 Sun. Aug. 29,2004@4pm

Youth Day


Fri. Oct. 15,2004@7pm

Missionary Cindy Rileys (sister at our church) appreciation day


Sat. Oct. 30, 2004@7pm

District youth play


Sun. Oct. 21,2004@4pm

Youth Day


Thurs. Nov. 285,2004@6am

Thanksgiving sunrise service


Sun. Nov. 28,2004@4pm

Ushers Day


Sun. Dec.12,2004@4pm

Voices of Angels Christmas program


Sat. Dec. 25,2004@6am

Christmas Sunrise service



I hope you'll be able to make it out ot one of these events. You can click on the Contact Page to get the address and phone number to the church.