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G.B.Pickens Memorial Temple Church Of God In Christ
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The History of Bishop G.B. Pickens Memorial Temple Church of God In Christ

Bishop G. B. Pickens was the Pastor and founder of St. Paul Mission Church of God In Christ.  He was a great man and leader.  There were no words to describe the magnitude of his ministry.  Bishop Pickens laid the foundation and his son Elder Van Wilson Wells, with the blessings of the Lord, built the church to where it is today.  

St. Paul Mission was located at 4222 South Wentworth, in the basement.  After the demise of Bishop Pickens in March 1973, Elder Wells became the Pastor as requested by and with the blessings of Bishop Pickens and his wife, Rosetta Pickens.  He began the church with approximately (6) adults and (11) children.  The membership exceeds 300 souls today.  

In August 1975, Pastor and Missionary Wells donated the building 5737 South Union Avenue to the church to use as our new place of worship.  They also donated $20,000.00 for the remodeling and $5,000.00 for furnishing of the church.  Shortly thereafter, Pastor Wells changed the name of the church to Bishop G. B. Pickens Memorial Temple Church of God In Christ.   

In the following years, Pickens Temple received bountiful blessings from God.  The church was remodeled again in order to accommodate the growing membership.  We broadcasted live on both AM and FM radio for two years, 1978 through 1980.  In 1982, we were blessed with new musical instruments.  One of our ministers, Elder Larry Haynes, who is now the second Assistant Pastor, designed the pool and ceiling in the church.  Pastor Wells and other church members assisted in the implementation of the design plan.

In 1984, God gave Pastor Wells the vision to build a greater church and a Christian school.  The members stood with the Pastor by pledging a $1,000.00 each to make this vision a reality.  On July 15, 1990, we dedicated our new church home on God's holy ground at 5659 South Union Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.  Pickens Memorial Temple church is built upon a strong foundation which consists of love, faith, and the word of God.  We are able to face the future without fear.  We can stand firm because greater is He (Jesus), who is in us, than he (the devil) who is in the world.  

Pastor Wells is a great and unusual man; one who is not shaken by hindrance nor circumstance.  He is a man who is led by God.  We (the members), shall continue to follow his leadership and we are sure that the blessings of God, the Father, will continue to be ours.  

The Bishop G. B. Pickens Memorial Temple C.O.G.I.C. Family